February 03, 2017 - 08:17 AM PST

1. I’m a new client, how do I get started?

A: Create your client Account by going to http://www.sdpharmlabs.com/signup  or click “Create Account” from the PharmLabs website.  Once you’ve created your account, you can bring your samples in during operating hours.  We’re open to the public from Noon 12pm- 5pm, Monday through Friday. If you need a pick-up- please call for a quote. Pick up services are available throughout the state of California.

2. What  are our hours of operation?

A: We’re open to the public Monday –Friday from 12pm -5pm .
We reserve the morning for the scientist to prepare the laboratory and instruments for the days testing.

3. How much of a sample do I need to provide for testing?

Standard Potency1g1g1.5ml1.5g/mlEntire packaged edible
Premium Potency1g1g1.5ml1.5g/mlEntire packaged edible
Standard Residual Solvent1g1g1.5ml1.5g/mlEntire packaged edible
Premium Residual Solvent1g1g1.5ml1.5g/mlEntire packaged edible
Standard Pesticide1g1g1.5ml1.5g/mlEntire packaged edible
Premium Pesticide1g1g1.5ml1.5g/mlEntire packaged edible
Terpene1g1g1.5ml1.5g/mlEntire packaged edible
Standard Microbiological1g1g1.5ml1.5g/mlEntire packaged edible
Premium Microbilogical2g2g2.5ml2.5g/mlEntire packaged edible
CA Full Compliance7g7g7ml7gEntire packaged edible
Above are the amount of samples needed for each service offered shown in units of g or ml

4. How long does my sample take to test?

A: Potency results are guaranteed within 24 hours (except on Friday’s when results will be released the following Monday (or, on Tuesday, if Monday falls on a Holiday). Terpene, Residual Solvent and Microbiological testing take 72 hours. For Pesticide Analysis please consult the laboratory.

5. How will I receive my test results when  they are completed?

A: We’ll send you a text message the second your results are posted to your SD PharmLabs dashboard, letting you know the results are ready to be viewed. Then, you can log-in from anywhere you have internet access and check your results. Make sure you click “LAB TEST” next to your name at the top right of the screen to find your personal lab results.

6. Can I mail you my samples/how do I drop off samples?

A: Pick up service within the entire state of California. Please call the office for a quote.  Or you can come into the lab during open office hours, Monday through Friday, Noon-5pm.  Feel free to drop samples through our mail slot in the front door as well-make sure you label if you do.

7. How much does testing cost?

We Offer a variety of testing including Potency, Microbiological, Pesticides, Residual Solvents and Terpene Profiling.  A standard potency test for Flower or concentrates is $39.95. Edibles, tinctures and lotions start at $74.95.  Test can be purchases individually or in packages of 10, 20, 50 or 100. One Hundred packs come with FREE PHOTOS.

Please check out the following link for our pricing chart:  http://www.sdpharmlabs.com/pages/products

Full California compliance starting at $569. This includes Premium Potency testing (HPLC), Terpene Profiling, Premium Residual Solvent screening, Premium Microbiological screening and Premium Pesticide analysis.

8. How can  I pay?

We accept Cash, Check, Money Orders and Credit Cards.

9. What is the difference of a Standard Potency test (Gas - GC/FID) and a Premium Potency Test (Liquid -HPLC)?

A: The GC for Standard Potency is an instrument which uses heat to separate the cannabinoids. This process activates any acidic versions of cannabinoids (THC-A, CBD-A) and will give a total potential readout of THC (delta-9), CBD and CBN. This test will best mimic smoking, vaporizing and dabbing.
The HPLC for Premium Potency is an instrument which uses high pressure and liquid to separate the cannabinoids and read them through the column. Since this process does not use any heat, it can read many more cannabinoids, such as the ones we test for: THC (delta-9), THC-A, CBD, CBD-A, CBN and CBG. This process is best for mimicking eating cannabis or applying it to the skin.

10. Can I post my results to WeedMaps?

A: Yes!  Sign into your SD PharmLabs Account. Click your Name. Click Edit Integrations. Select WeedMaps. Copy and paste your WeedMaps URL Web Address. Tab down. Wait for information to load. Select if you’d like your results to load automatically or if you’d like to approve in WeedMaps before. To release you results onto WeedMaps, just mark your results as public by clicking the “Private” button. This will happen instantly. Please contact the lab for additional assistance with your WeedMaps and PharmLabs integration.