June 27, 2016 - 07:16 PM PDT

PharmWheels Sample Pick Up Service:

PharmLabs now offers sample pick up service throughout San Diego County and beyond! Our trained, professional Sample Intake Specialists will drive to you and pick up an unlimited number of samples to be submitted for testing to Pharmlabs laboratory for a small fee. It is really fast and easy; just call 619-356-0898 and schedule your pick up now! Sample pick ups normally are completed within 24 hours of a scheduled pick up.


- Within 10 miles from the Lab = $25 for an unlimited number of samples picked up. (Includes most local areas such as La Jolla, Qualcomm/Kensington, North park, Downtown and National City)

- Greater than 10 miles from the Lab = $25 base fee plus $0.30 per mile travel fee (after 1st 10 miles to and from are free). Please call for exact rate. Lab located at 1859 Cable Street San Diego 92107


PharmWheels mission will be to provide random batch sampling for the cannabis industry using a proven scientific method to ensure accurate representation for a submitted laboratory sample.

Designed to be in compliance with Assembly Bill 266, PharmLabs has worked diligently to create a state of the art proven random sampling collection method for the cannabis industry. This method will ensure a laboratory testing sample is an accurate representation of each batch of cannabis or cannabis products destined to be sold in a California licensed type 10A Dispensary. Scientifically proven methods for sampling techniques are important because it increases consumer confidence in product safety.

Our highly trained and certified Sample Intake Specialists (S.I.S.’s) will personally come to your site and collect samples to be submitted to PharmLabs laboratory in compliance with SB266. Our staff will handle the entire process and on average they will only take about 20 minutes of time per visit depending on sample amounts. Our S.I.S.’s will provide everything needed for sampling and have samples in transit to the lab that day. As always PharmLabs provides 24 hour results for all potency tests so our clients can make real time business decisions. 

Our Random Sampling Service is affordable and insures no mix ups from the changing of hands from a sample in transit to the laboratory. We utilize PharmWare’s laboratory management code scanning system that is fully integrated with all the major seed to sale software programs. We charge by the hour and by geographic location. Rural areas may cost more due to travel time so please contact us for pricing.

Make sure to ensure your first in line with safe harbor for a California state license and work with an ISO 17025 certified laboratory that provides “An agent of a licensed testing laboratory shall obtain samples according to a statistically valid sampling method for each lot.” (from article 10 (b) AB266).